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Językowy żłobek i przedszkole FSA, ul. Metalowców 27, Wrocław


Dog therapy – classes are run by a qualified dog therapist along with her inseparable dog partner – Collie. In their company our children develop their sense of self-agency, motor skills and the ability to notice the cause and effect principles. They practice a safe approach to pets and learn to understand their needs and reactions. There is a lot of fun involved and the joy of spending time together and undertaking new challenges.

Dance – Children develop their sense of rhythm, an ear for music, copying skills and the ability to express themselves through movement in a happy atmosphere to the sound of music. The older ones learn different dance styles, fluidity of movement and the ability to imitate and improvise. They joy of spending time in this form is priceless, regardless of age!


First Step Academy
ul. Metalowcow 27
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