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Dog therapy – classes are run by a qualified dog therapist along with her inseparable dog partner – Collie. In their company our children develop their sense of self-agency, motor skills and an ability to notice the cause and effect principles. They practice a safe approach to pets and learn to understand their needs and reactions. There is a lot of fun involved and thre joy of spending time together and undertaking new challenges. [this is a repreat of apragaraph above]

Judo – under the watchful eye of a professional trainer, playschool chiildren practice the skills of cooperation, reflexes, visual-motor coordination, sense of balance, discipline, and they develop physical strength and fortitude.

Dance – Children develop their sense of rhythm, ear for music, copying skills and the ability to express themselves through movement in a happy atmosphere to the sounds of music. Older ones learn different dance styles, fluidity of movement and the ability to imitate and improvise. They joy of spending time in this form is priceless, regardless of age! [Repeat of above]

Physics – during classes children have a unique chance to learn the laws of physics in practice. Witnessing experiments, they begin to understand natural process taking place around them. Their curiosity for the world increases and this ability to understand surrounding reality helps them to participate in every day challenges with more awareness.

Lego classes – fascinating classes during which children build and propel incredible Lego structures. Their spatial imagination, logical thinking, sense of design and the feeling of success at their own achievements make children soar high together with the dragons and birds they build.

Swimming classes – once a week, children go to a swimming pool nearby to learn how to swim and behave in the water under the watchful eye of a swimming coach.

Spanish lessons – once a week, children can develop their linguistic skills in an atmosphere of games and music by learning the Spanish language, culture and temperament.


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