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Sensoryplay – classes with passion and imagination conducted to develop imagination and multi-sensory experiences of the art world. The products of childrens’ imagination translated into sensory art constitute beautiful decorations of our nursery, and the children learn to experience and express themselves in an abstract and multi-sensory way.

Speech and music therapy – classes are conducted by a speech therapist who, in an atmosphere of happy play, allows children to develop musical skills and, later, the abilities of logical thinking and mathematics, as well as the ability to express themselves. Auditory sensitivity and visual-motor coordination are basic areas of stimulation during these classes.

Mouth and tongue gymnastics – group speech therapy classes that involve the development of speech, thanks to which we also develop sensitivity and an ability to create and express. Children put into practice the proverb that laughter is the best medicine.

Hand therapy – classes that aim at strengthening fine motor skills and, in the future, preparing tolearn to write. Children under the eye of a professional take part in fascinating games and playing that involve hands, shoulders and senses, using e.g. elements of the method of painting with 10 fingers.

Holistic development support – Group classes are conducted by a psychologist with the comprehensive development of the Little Ones in mind. Following the FSA philosophy, the classes prepare children to participate fully in personal and social life, shaping their self-esteem, to understand emotions and to express themselves, and also the sense of belonging and the ability to work in a group.

Corrective-gymnastic therapy – Group classes are conducted by a physiotherapist with care for awakening the interests and needs of physical activities among the youngest children. This also involves shaping the right posture, stimulating physical development and motor skills, sense of balance and proprioception. Taking part in classes prepared by Mr. Michał, children don’t only play a lot but also learn social behaviours, achieve their first successes and build their self-esteem. Moving is good!

Fine motor therapy – is the best way of preparing little hands for more precise tasks, so it is worth remembering about it from the very beginning. Finger games, drawing, kneading, and painting are some of the tasks that improve fine motor skills.

Fairy tale therapy – children need tales and relaxation. During the classes they develop visualization skills. Children experience with all their senses the places where the hero of the tale is. This is also a time to relax.

Psychomotorics – a holistic approach to capture a child’s image, the impact of physical, emotional movements with thinking. We are closest in approach to the stream focused on a child presented by Renate Zimmer and empowerment psychomotorics and respecting a child’s decision by Andrzej Majewski.

Prophylactic psychological program – owing to the importance of a child’s adaptation in a nursery, we provide care from professional psychologists. We need to remember that apart from the child, parents also need to adapt to the new situation. Close cooperation between parents and a psychologist allows for continuing reaction to any problem that might arise.

Moreover, individual consultations with parents and lectures concerning children’s development are regularly organized by our school.


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