Językowy żłobek i przedszkole FSA, ul. Metalowców 27, Wrocław


The FSA language nursery is a place that is friendly, even fir few-month old babies. We form groups for the Little Ones from 20 weeks to 36 months. For them, separating from parents poses as a huge challenge and a great change, this is why we do our best, so they feel safe in their new environment and have the best conditions for development. Our nursery is a place where we take care of the Little Ones and start education at an early stage. We communicate with them in English and in Polish.

By applying pedagogical knowledge and the most important streams e.g. the communication without violence of Thomas Gordon, which are close to our own philosophy, we know how important education by play is. We animate and activate children using the best methods that stimulate their growth and development. We want to create an environment where they will above all feel safe,, and which will inspire them to discover reality.


First Step Academy
ul. Metalowcow 27
54-156 Wroclaw


email: biuro@fsa.edu.pl

tel. +48 531 680 680