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Językowy żłobek i przedszkole FSA, ul. Metalowców 27, Wrocław

Bilingual preschool in FSA School is a creative educational setting with an original educational program based on the most efficient educational courses and interesting pedagogical innovations incorporated into the English curriculum (English National Curriculum) and Polish curriculum (MEN). We view the child’s development from Maria Montessori’s pedagogical perspective which is the inspiration for many of our initiatives and educational solutions.

Mission: We are the experienced and enthusiastic team of educators fully devoted to self-mastering and fostering our students’ progress. The activities and initiatives we propose, result from the care we share for the holistic and harmonious growth of children and preparing them to become self-conscious citizens of the world. The continuous support is also provided to parents by preparing exciting workshops and consultations with specialists.

Graduate profile: A child that will complete preschool in FSA School will know how to communicate, think, and act in two languages: Polish and English. She/he will develop a life-long passion for learning, discover own talents, and acquire critical thinking skills. She/he will become a human being that is independent, creative, empathetic, tolerant, and actively expressing their values.


First Step Academy
ul. Metalowcow 27
54-156 Wroclaw


email: biuro@fsa.edu.pl

tel. +48 531 680 680