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Talent divers by Mrs Aleksandra – a program that allows for uncovering talents and the strongest qualities of childrens’ personalities, to nurture and develop them. Children will be able to use fully their potential, follow their passions and express themselves in varied forms of activity – art, sport, science, and relationships with others.

Job Consulting by Mrs Natalia – a project inspired by the recommendations of the Education Minister. It was established to shape the qualities desired by the job market by familiarizing children with the secrets of various professions. It is based on a series of meetings with specialists in different areas from an astronomer through to a police office, to a zoologist. Some characters we meet in their natural environment – for example the vet at her surgery or a ballerina at Wroclaw Opera House.

Jolly phonics by Mrs Natalia – the aim of this project is to teach children the correct pronunciation of English sounds by play, story-telling, music and singing.

The Outline of the History of Art by Mrs Renia – this playschool project covers all playschool children starting from the youngest. It is conducted in an atmosphere of understanding and playing because the imperative goal is to bring art closer to children and make them more sensitive to it. Children leave classes with the conviction that art is an area where there are no bad answers and where everyone may express their emotions and manifest their thoughts. This is why we interlace these classes with practical activities where children can make by hand their own pieces of art.

Music across ages by Mrs Monika – the aim of this class is to make children familiar with different musical styles across ages. After completing this project, children have an idea of the existence of various music styles, they can recognize the musical styles present in everyday and cultural life, they can receive music as a multi-dimensional and cultural art piece, and they try to compose their own musical pieces on the basis of techniques known to them. The project is planned to be completed at the end of the 2018/2019 school year. Project participants will present their own piece of music.

A little Pole by Mrs Ola – an all year series of meetings that allows children to experience democratic values in practice. This course aims to create conditions where children are able develop the freedom to choose, responsibility, ability to express oneself and respect for others. They will also learn about typical Polish and European traditions by taking part in workshops and outdoor games.


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