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Językowy żłobek i przedszkole FSA, ul. Metalowców 27, Wrocław

FSA School has its own kitchen where we prepare healthy, delicious and balanced meals for our children and staff every day.

Working with a dietitian, we have developed seasonal menu to use fresh vegetables and fruits. We have made a list of used products and those that you will neither find in our storage nor on children’s plates. The list of prohibited products includes, but is not limited to: sweets, sugar, sweetened/carbonated drinks, pork, chicken and white bread. Pasta or potatoes are used once a week maximum. We consume rice oat or almond drinks on a permanent basis.

We encourage each child to eat their portion or, at least, to try new flavors. We are proud that, by providing positive incentives, we have already introduced healthy eating habits in many homes.

We cater for dietary needs of children by setting individual diets, e.g. dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan and by eliminating individual products from the menu as indicated by parents.

We apply our emphasis on an individual approach to each child also in the area of ​​nutrition.


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