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Językowy żłobek i przedszkole FSA, ul. Metalowców 27, Wrocław

International FSA School offers not only the opportunity to learn English as a second language but most of all a chance to grow the inner sense of security while confidently communicating in English. Moreover, we make possible meaningful encounters with world-class teachers dedicated to sparking a passion for learning and sharing their knowledge but also offering continuous support beyond lesson time. At our school, children are thoughtfully assisted by the team of specialists committed to devoting their skills and time to enhance individual paths of development and to elicit unique personalities.

English is selected as a leading language which implies that communication during lessons but also school breaks and extracurricular activities happens principally in English.

What makes us stand out

  • English as a first language
  • Polish and English National Curriculum
  • Elements of Maria Montessori pedagogy
  • Nonviolent communication
  • Original educational projects
  • 1 x teacher and 1 x support teacher for a group (till Year 1)
  • Healthy and delicious kitchen on-site
  • Individual consultations and group activities with speech therapist, psychologist and physiotherapist
  • Adaptation with the support from psychologist
  • Educational workshops for parents
  • Modern and spacious classrooms without excessive stimulus
  • Multifunctioning sports hall
  • Outside time every day at the playground on-site
  • Forest School
  • Open hours: from 7 am till 5.30 pm
  • Electronic access card to building
  • Parking on-site


ul. Metalowcow 27
54-156 Wroclaw


email: biuro@fsa.edu.pl

 CALL US tel. +48 531 680 680