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Adaptation of the child in our facility

The decision to send a child to a daycare center or preschool is always a big challenge for parents. They worry about how their child will react, how they will cope with the new situation, and how they will adjust when there are no significant people around them. It is generally accepted that the initial adjustment period for a child lasts about a month. During this time, the child gets to know the new environment and becomes accustomed to the daily rhythm there. However, the process is individual for each child, and the timeline may vary depending on various factors characterizing the child and their environment.

During the adaptation process, the caregiver/teacher, together with a psychologist, offers full support to parents and their children to help them settle in, integrate with peers, enjoy playtime, and build trust with caregivers/teachers. From the very beginning, children receive friendly and caring attention, and parents are invited to accompany them on this great adventure, gradually withdrawing their presence and extending the child’s stay in the facility.

Child adaptation in preschool

For preschool-age children, we establish an individual adaptation process after receiving detailed information from parents about their child’s needs, emotional and social development.

Dear Parent, we ask you to focus on positive communication with your child, keep your fears to yourself, be verbal and punctual, do not bribe, speak positively about the preschool, and be consistent in your decision.

Child adaptation in nursery

Child adaptation in daycare can be quite challenging because for many children, it is the first time spending a few hours away from their loved ones. Therefore, it is even more important to gradually accustom the child to the new situation. That is why it is recommended to leave the child in daycare only until lunch break. Although the moment of saying goodbye can be demanding for parents, short farewells are advisable. Additionally, in the first few weeks, it is worth encouraging the child to bring their favorite toy, plush toy, or blanket that reminds them of home. The adaptation process will go even smoother if the child regularly attends daycare. Thus, they will get used to visits to the facility much faster.

If the child copes well with adaptation, the time spent in daycare can be extended to the nap period. However, it is advisable to do so only when the child already accepts contact with a large group of people and new objects.

The adaptation process can begin even before the child’s first visit to daycare or preschool. It is worth telling the child what changes await them and changing the daily rhythm slightly to prepare them for meal and nap times, as well as breaks in the facility.


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