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Additional activities

We pay great attention to awakening in children the feeling that they are unique and developing their talents and gifts. We create our offer of extra/additional activities according to the needs and capabilities of our students. Musical classes, art and construction workshops, mathematics and science/sports clubs have a permanent place among the activities that supports interests’ development. At the same time, we carry out educational projects, through which every child has a chance to discover their predispositions and their first passions.

Extra-curricular activities

The offer of classes and the price are presented to parents at the beginning of the school year. It is also a time for parents to participate in creating a list of proposed development workshops for children.

Clubs / workshops will be launched with a minimum number of enrolled students. The number of participants varies depending on the class. First come first serve rule applies.

Proposed clubs:

  • mandarin club – every fifth man in the world lives in China, almost a billion people speak this language;
  • Spanish club – Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, already half a billion people speak it;
  • chess club – learning logical thinking, improving arithmetic skills, shaping critical thinking skills;
  • football – physical development, teaches teamwork, improves concentration;
  • yoga – acceptance of oneself and others, strengthening of concentration and mindfulness;
  • speech therapy – individual classes;
  • physiotherapist – individual classes;
  • psychologist – individual classes.


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