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Additional activities in a private kindergarten

The preschool age is a wonderful time to search for passions and talents. We place great emphasis on awakening a sense of uniqueness in children and, among other things, through clubs and workshops they belong to, they get to know themselves and learn about their interests. We create our offer of additional activities according to the needs and possibilities of our students. Music classes (FSA Music Club), artistic and construction workshops, mathematical and scientific circles, and sports clubs (FSA Football Club) have a permanent place among the activities that develop interests. At the same time, we carry out educational projects, thanks to which each child has the chance to discover their predispositions and recognize their first passions. Our charges can use various solutions, test their abilities, learn new things, and above all, find hobbies that may accompany them into adulthood. It is worth noting that the classes take place in specially prepared rooms – their appearance and equipment facilitate development, without fear of overstimulating the charges, which works incredibly relaxing.

Extracurricular Activities

We present the offer of additional classes together with the price to parents at the beginning of the school year. We invite parents to co-create the list of workshops, because who knows their children better than you? We are open to proposals for creating clubs that you consider important in your children’s development. This way we can better meet your expectations, and above all, we can use children’s predispositions to enable them to have an even more enjoyable and personalized development.

Clubs/workshops will be launched with a minimum number of enrolled students. The number of participants varies depending on the activities. Priority of enrollment applies. This way, we can offer groups that are not overcrowded, provide regular contact with other participants, and above all, enable educators to be fully engaged in the development of each student. It is worth adding that we conduct both group and individual classes – during such meetings, a specialist works with the child independently or in the company of a parent. During such individual classes, the student can feel fully at ease, and the guardian or specialist is maximally focused on the needs of this little person. Thus, the work is much more effective, and the child does not feel constrained while working with a psychologist or speech therapist.

Proposed clubs:

Robotics – learning creative and spatial thinking, cooperation in a group, exercising memory;

Chess – intellectual development through learning logical thinking, strategy, stimulating spatial imagination;

Mental arithmetic (zero year) – logical thinking, creativity, better memory, mathematical thinking;

Ceramics – sense of aesthetics, artistic skills, expressing thoughts in an artistic way;

Football – physical development, cooperation in a group, self-discipline, responsibility for oneself and the group;

Swimming pool – comprehensive development of the body, proper silhouette, hardening of the immune system, and supporting emotional development;

Spanish language – about half a billion people use this language;

Zumba – teaches cooperation and independence, develops physically and emotionally;

Speech therapy – individual classes;

Physiotherapist – individual classes;

Psychologist – individual classes.


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