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Additional activities in a private nursery

In our private nursery, we take care of the proper development of children. For this reason, we have created the opportunity to sign up for additional classes, such as dog therapy and dance. In this way, we take care of their psycho-physical development, but also awaken empathy, teach responsibility, as well as motor and creative skills. During the classes, the little participants release tension and accumulated emotions. We highly recommend enrolling your child in the chosen classes.

Dog therapy – a way to develop a child

Dog therapy – classes led by a qualified dog therapist with their indispensable companion, a Coli dog. In their company, our daycare children develop their sense of agency, motor skills, ability to perceive cause-and-effect relationships, and practice a safe approach to quadrupeds, understanding their needs and reactions. Contact with animals also sensitizes toddlers wonderfully and helps them cope with emotions more easily. According to specialists, dog therapy is excellent when children have problems with an overload of tension, are closed in on themselves, or, on the contrary, have problems with controlling enormous reserves of energy.

It should also be noted that children during classes also have a lot of joy in being together and taking on new challenges!

Dance – joy of physical activity

Dance – with music and in cheerful play, children develop a sense of rhythm, auditory sensitivity, the ability to imitate, and the ability to express themselves in movement. Older toddlers learn different dance styles, the fluidity of their movements, and the ability to imitate and improvise dance. During such classes, the child releases dormant energy, which is transformed into endorphins, which they need for proper and happy growth. It is also learning proper habits, so your child will learn from an early age how important movement is. After all, dance is also an excellent hobby to encourage toddlers. After all, the joy of physical activity in this form is priceless, regardless of age or gender!


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