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Preschool is a great time to find passion and discover a talent. We focus attention to awakening in children a sense of their uniqueness. One of the way to do that is through the clubs and workshops where they get to know themselves and learn about their preferences. We create the offer of extra-curricular activities according to the needs and capabilities of our pupils. Musical classes (FSA Music Club), art and construction workshops, mathematics and science clubs and sports clubs (FSA Football Club) have a permanent place among the activities that develop interests. At the same time, we implement educational projects, thanks to which every child has a chance to discover their predispositions and recognize their first passions.

Extra-curricular activities

We present the list of extra-curricular activities with the price to parents at the beginning of the school year. We invite parents to co-create the list of workshops, because who, if not you, Dear Parents, know their children better? We are open to suggestions for creating clubs that you consider important in your children’s development.

Clubs / workshops will be launched with a minimum number of enrolled students. The number of participants varies depending on the class. First come first serve rule applies.

Proposed clubs:

  • robotics – learning creative and spatial thinking, cooperation in a group, memory exercises;
  • physics – experimenting, stimulating cognitive curiosity, learning to ask difficult questions;
  • Spanish – about half a billion people speak this language;
  • dance – teaches cooperation and independence, develops physically and emotionally;
  • speech therapy – individual classes;
  • physiotherapist – individual classes;
  • psychologist – individual classes.


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