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Curriculum in a private nursery

Our language nursery in Wroclaw is a creative care-educational facility with an original program that combines our values of freedom, self-development, adventure with British guidelines for early development support (EYFS). Thanks to this, it is a safe and beloved place for children and parents. Additionally, we effectively ensure the proper development of our charges through simultaneous learning of English and Polish language.

Private nursery education offer in Wrocław

Children aged 18 to 30 months in our private nursery have wonderful opportunities for active exploration of the surrounding environment, creating, playing and discovering. We take great care to develop the physical development of our little ones, acquire language and communication skills (English), encourage them to develop socially and emotionally. We approach each child individually, encourage the child to ask questions, teach tolerance, curiosity about the world and open-mindedness through constant contact with several languages.

The inspiration for our educational activities and solutions is Maria Montessori’s pedagogy and Marshall Rosenberg’s language of communication (Nonviolent Communication).

A child who completes our private nursery in Wrocław will be ready to start the next stages of education with confidence, joy, and enthusiasm. They will begin to communicate, think and act in Polish and English. They will develop a passion for learning, discover their first interests, and the satisfaction of independence. This will lay the foundation for their future success. After all, it is skills, abilities, and educational methods that have a huge impact on who this young person will become.

English language and children’s education

English is present in our language nursery every day. Caregivers of different nationalities ensure the comprehensive development of the child in this language. Elements of the Early Partian Immersion method prepare the child for bilingualism. Starting communication in English at such an early stage of development allows the child to acquire vocabulary and the melody of the language in a natural and relaxed way. We can now easily find literature confirming the validity of early language immersion philosophy.

Developing bilingualism from the earliest years also facilitates children’s learning of subsequent languages ​​at subsequent stages of education. In addition, constant contact with the international community sensitizes children, teaches them openness to other languages, skin colors, and customs. Thanks to this, our charges are prepared to learn about the contemporary world.

Educational methods used in the nursery

To ensure that language acquisition occurs naturally during all activities, we also use various methods. This makes learning new expressions, words, or simply thinking in a given language very natural and much more enjoyable for the child. Here are some of the methods we use:

Immersion – children are naturally immersed in an extremely attractive language environment. They have constant contact with the English language in everyday situations, such as play, walks, meals, or learning.

Total physical response – our language nursery invites children to learn English by experiencing it with their whole body and imitating the movement of the body for certain actions or phenomena.

Communicative language teaching (CLT) – creating communicative situations and encouraging children to speak makes learning English in our facility extremely active and attractive.

Task-based language learning – teaching language through specific tasks and projects – this method allows children to learn English by doing specific tasks and projects, which makes the learning process even more engaging and enjoyable.


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