Językowy żłobek i przedszkole FSA, ul. Metalowców 27, Wrocław

Preschool Program

Early Years Foundation Stage

In our  preschool, this stage is about learning through play, experiencing and exploring. This group is attended by children between the age of 2.5 and 4. A wide range of activities sparking creativity and openness wonderfully stimulates the development necessary at this stage of growth. Kids learn how to spend time with their peers, how to arrange games in a group, they try to solve problems, they start using English as a communication platform.


Key Stage 1 – Year 1, Year 2 (Preschool)

At this point, the child, aged 5 to 6, begins education in the school mode and continues it until the age of 18. The program of our preschool in Wrocław enables children to develop self-confidence, critical thinking, expression and listening skills. When teaching in English, we invite pupils to freely formulate their own thoughts, to make mistakes and to enjoy the acquired skills/competences.

FSA School implements its own bilingual program “Enchanted English” based on the guidelines of the British curriculum and a wisdom of programs such as: Jolly Phonics, Oxford Owl or Oxford Reading Tree. In our facility, bilingualism is present at every stage of learning and during all classes and activities with the use of many interesting, complementary activities, taking into account the individual needs of children.

Private preschool in Wrocław implements the Polish and British curriculum, which include the following subjects:


Your child will acquire the ability to freely express thoughts and discuss the topic that interests them. She/He will read with interest books that develop general knowledge as well as those relating to passions or interests. Knowledge of grammar, spelling and punctuation will encourage writing short stories.


The richness of topics within Polish and British curriculum will allow your child to easily explore the history of countries whose traditions and views are so beautifully different. Getting to know fascinating historical figures, facts and myths will allow you to broaden your horizons and the emergence of individual views and opinions.


The world of numbers begins to be friendly and understandable. In our private kindergarten, we use paper and pen, abacus and calculator, but also advanced technologies such as multimedia boards and laptops. Through interesting and varied activities, young people willingly add, subtract, multiply, divide, solve simple tasks with fractions, learn geometry or organize numerical sequences in order.


Learning by experimenting, communing with nature and creating projects on your own in our forest school is the key to success in getting to know the surrounding nature, animals and their lives. In our preschool in Wrocław, your child will learn to observe, analyze and draw conclusions. Nothing teaches so beautifully as own experience.


The world and people are so beautiful that you don’t even need to encourage young people to pause while exploring the multitude of countries, societies, vegetation fauna/flora or the structure of the Earth. Thanks to this subject, children will successfully connect knowledge about the natural environment with socio-economic and humanistic knowledge.


Our international kindergarten knows perfectly that the world of technology and modern solutions is our future. Thanks to the unique program, pupils will learn simple computer applications, the rules of communicating on the web and understand simple algorithms and programs.

Art and music

Awakening creativity, willingness to create or acquire craftsmanship by learning about art, has a real impact on our students’ openness to the world of artists. Reaching for brushes, chalks, styluses, all kinds of instruments, we invite you to our private kindergarten to be inspired and to expand your horizons. Through the sounds of music, we get to know cultures and traditions. Using various materials and techniques, students learn about design and create their sculptures, paintings and other forms that presents the young artist’s souls.

Physical Education

The emotional, social and intellectual development of a young person is shaped by physical development. Your child will develop precision and coordination through team play and individual activities. In our preschool, we know that exercise is extremely important for the health and development of children.