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International Teaching Staff

Our international staff and environment naturally immerse our students in foreign languages and cultures. The combination of several languages becomes a way of life for many of our students, making it easier for them to navigate their teenage years, and providing them with the confidence and freedom to pursue further education, travel, and careers.

If you feel that an English-language nursery and preschool in Wroclaw is a place where your child can comfortably gain new levels of education, we encourage you to contact us.

Private Nursery and Preschool - Not Just for Foreigners

Your child can be a citizen of the world from birth. Therefore, it is the parent’s task to open all doors for them and provide them with an easier start. Our English-language preschool provides just that. Wroclaw is a place where your child will not only learn to communicate in English but will also learn about other cultures, form friendships with both Polish and foreign children, and develop greater openness and respect. It is no coincidence that Wroclaw is recognized as a multicultural city and a city of meetings.

Our non-public preschool and private nursery are popular among both Poles and foreigners. It is important to us to develop bilingualism in children, so communication in both English and Polish is equally important.

Polish children have an advantage because they can already communicate in Polish, and at our school, they will simply perfect this skill.

Choose our modern and multilingual private preschool. Take care of your child’s proper development today.

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