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Why we?

Choosing a Pre-Nursery or a Nursery it’s a one of the most important decisions to make by Parents in their life.
Why? A place where Your Child spends his/her first years of life has a key impact on development and further education. The best Pre-Nursery or Nursery should be safe, where a Child can get much more than from others care providers, where Parents are sure that their Child will develop properly.

Sensory Integration SI


‘’Sensory Integration (SI) is a neurological process that occurs when the brain “integrates” sensory information to process our environment into meaningful information, to allow us to respond automatically, efficiently and appropriately’’ (Yack, Aquilla, et al. 2004).

This developed therapy approach was pioneered by Dr A. Jean Ayres who classified sensory integration dysfunction as a unique clinical category.

Sensory integration is an innate neurobiological process and refers to the integration and interpretation of sensory stimulation from the environment by the brain.

We do not have any problems with integration process when our senses work properly. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon that there can be some dysfunctions in this area when sensory integration process does not work properly or some of our senses are not effective. These are some consequences:


  • child gets easily distracted; poor attention to tasks,
  • having difficulty in learning new tasks, delay in motor skills, problems with writing and reading skills,
  • overly sensitive or under reactive to touch, movement, sights or sounds,
  • unusually high or low activity level,
  • poor body awareness and poor muscles tone,
  • coordination problems – child appears clumsy or awkward.

We decided to use our expertise and experience in SI to support Your Child’s development. Our professional, well- equipped SI room will be used during SI therapy. Our mission is to support proper function of Sensory Integration, so Your Child would benefit from it on each area of development.


We offer SI therapy to all children from our Pre-Nursery and Nursery. We truly think that SI therapy would be extremely useful for Children who have speech delay, struggle to process new information, for those Children with overly sensitive or under reactive difficulties and with physical development delay. 

Our qualified SI therapeutic staff works with Children by stimulating and calming nervous system, by boosting particular senses – which helps to improve SI function. In our SI room we have a special swing, exercising steps and much more. Using special therapeutic methods helps to experience information coming from surroundings through all senses.





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