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Admissions procedure 2022/2023

We warmly welcome to FSA children from the age of 1,5 up to 14. In FSA we offer places in small groups on several educational levels.
You are kindly asked to download the application form, complete and send it to biuro@fsa.edu.pl. Then our team will contact you to arrange a meeting.

FSA School Application form

The adaptation time is crucial and establishes the basis for the whole education of children therefore it is carefully planned and adequately tailored to children and parents’ individual needs. During this process, the teacher and the psychologist provide support for parents and their children to help them feel at home, integrate with peers, find joy in play, make bonds and develop trust in teachers. From the very beginning, children are provided with kind and compassionate care, and parents are invited to accompany them during this big adventure slowly withdrawing their presence and extending the time spent by a child in our school.

FSA welcomes children for the school year 2022/2023 to the preschool groups Nursery and Reception as well as school groups Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 in compliance with the accepted age standards (vide table below).