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Językowy żłobek i przedszkole FSA, ul. Metalowców 27, Wrocław


Choosing a school for beloved children is one of the most important decisions in parent’s life. Being fully aware of this, the entire FSA team puts a lot of commitment to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the choice made.

Our students gain education in a bilingual system, following the Polish and British curriculum. Taking care of high standards of education, we are proud to announce that we have started a process of demanding certification to join the prestigious group of international British schools. Being a part of the British system, apart from many advantages, will also allow our young people to join the international students’ group.

Key Stage 2 – from Year 3 to Year 6

Our British primary school in Wrocław invites children aged 7 to 11 to this stage of education. This is a great time to expand knowledge, learn to speak and write and to acquire research skills. Based on the solid foundations gained on Key Stage 1, FSA School, a private primary school in Wrocław, enriches its students with precision, work techniques and the implementation of unique projects. Knowledge of English at this stage allows our pupils to improve their fluency in reading, writing and listening comprehension. Taking notes yourself becomes easy and fun.

Broadening horizons naturally encourages students to respect other nationalities, respect the differences, and inspires to learn about other cultures and traditions. This curiosity is beautiful and limitless.

By implementing the Polish and British curriculum, we are responsible for:

  • supporting the child’s multidirectional activity by organizing educational situations enabling experimenting and gaining experience as well as polysensory cognition, stimulating its development in all areas: physical, emotional, social and cognitive;
  • planned implementation of the curriculum respecting the dignity of students, their natural individual pace of development, supporting individuality, originality, strengthening the sense of value, satisfying the need for a sense of self-activity and cooperation in the group

The scope of the program in our private primary school includes: English-speaking education, a foreign language, Polish studies, mathematics, social science, nature, science (basics of biology, physics, chemistry), art, technology, IT, music and physical education.

Groups of a dozen or so, project work, development of individual competences or active listening – these are the points that we place great emphasis on in a private primary school in Wrocław.


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